Architecture + Engineering + INTERIOR DESIGN

Touching People’s Lives

Moving beyond the mere design and aesthetics of interior spaces, the LW of today brings
together architecture, engineering and interior design in the creation of indelible human
experiences. Driven by an incurable passion for perfection, LW is poised for a new era
in its history. Welcome to the world through the eyes of LW.


The City Walk project in Dubai is transforming traditional views of what an urban, pedestrian community is all about. Bringing design in?uences from around the globe, LW is helping to shape the future of this fast-growing metropolis.

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Every one of the growing LW team shares certain personal and professional principles which enable memorable human experiences to come to life.

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LW prides itself on creating not just immersive environments but venues which become part of popular culture. The recent winner of Time Out’s Best Bar & Restaurant Award, the striking interiors of Vault have proved to be a favourite retreat for those in the know.

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